Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yah, Yah, It's been awhile, I know

So, what has Pralex been up too? Well, first off, Alex and Adam Jakomait headed to Miami for Christmas Holidays in the sun. We had a few good sessions of riding and just having fun on bikes, also a lot of cruising around, which has helped Alex learn manuals quite well! Here are some photos from that trip:

Some wild photos, eh?! Awesome times down in Miami! ...Expensive...But awesome!

Next on the Pralex calender was New Years! Adam and I returned from Miami just in time to meet up with team manager Kim Dobbin, Prasheel, and some friends in London for a night on the town! Here's some pictures!

It was an amazing night, and a great gathering of the Pralex team in effect that night!

Here's a video that was shot during the filming for the trailer of the International Bicycle Film Festival, Alex was riding and spinning around then smashed into the $5000 camera, it was a frightening moment, but all was good after! Check it out!

Now, with all that out of the way, Fight with Flight is only a week away! Pralex has a huge entourage this year, so huge, we're taking two cars. Coming down with us will be Simon Marsan & Dub of Quebec, Lachlan Cameron, Adam Jakomait, the team manager Kim Dobbin, and of course, Alex and Prasheel (along with a few other friends)! Pulling out all the stops! In case you're been living under a rock, here's the trailer for the contest:

Okay, I think that's all for now! See everyone at Indy! It's going to be fantastic! Lots of International stars and a huge AM crowd this year! Get stoked!