Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pralex Roadtrip Continues (Part 2)

Pralex is now in Toronto chilling with team member Addison Moore at his ballin' condo, watching Sevisual videos on a big screen!  Super cool!  We got here yesterday evening and had a chill night, making an awesome dinner, having some drinks and playing a game of Monopoly with some friends!

The day before we rode Chase's infamous Windsor spot.  The spot is far too good, we love riding there!  So much progression everytime we ride there, even if its a short session.  We didn't get any footage in Windsor, but the day before we rode with Wyoming local Scott Fowler and got some decent footage for the Pralex Web Video.  

Today we are riding in the Amsterdam Brewery all day long and hope to get some good footage there.  Later on tonight we are doing a show for the Dandy Horse Magazine Launch Party.  The party starts at 7pm and we are not on at any set time, but our show will be sometime during the night!

Pralex will be back in Ottawa Thursday evening, and have a lot of Pralex plans that will be put into action!  Keeping it on the down-low for now.  So keep an eye out!  Once we're back in Ottawa we'll put up some photos from our trip and what not!  

Time to ride!
Pralex out!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pralex Road Trip Continues!

We are currently at the Poirier house in Petrolia.  We rode with local rider Scott Fowler today and got some footage of us and him.  Alex hit fw and bw double whiplashes and is working on jumplashes now!  Wooo neat!  

We are going riding in Windsor tomorrow and hanging with friends and what not!  We will be riding in Toronto Tuesday/Wednesday, and we are now doing a show Wednesday night at the Dandyhorse Magazine launch party!  It's going to be awesome and we are pretty excited about it!

We have a whole bunch of new riders popping up in Ontario, and we're building bikes and helping people get started out, so expect a "friends of Pralex" video with some newcomers!  It's going to be awesome!  So excited seeing these new guys progressing and getting better!

We'll let you know how riding in Windsor goes, can't wait to ride the most epic best spot in the World!

Pralex out!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Magazine Coverage! Roadtrip!

Pralex is in the newest issue of BMX Plus! Check that out. Alex is also featured in Dandyhorse magazine...We'll scan some photos or something once we get copies!

We are heading out on a Southern Ontario roadtrip tomorrow. Hitting up Prescott, Kitchener, Petrolia/Wyoming/Sarnia, Toronto (for magazine launch party and riding) then back to Ottawa!

Still working on the web video...This is going to a be a fantastic fucking video! Be super stoked.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dandyhorse Magazine Launch Party! And more!

Team Pralex has been invited to the magazine launch party for Dandyhorse Magazine. A Toronto publication all about bicycling in the Greater Toronto Area. Alex is featured in the magazine with a photo from a show they did for an art exhibit on Halloween weekend in October.

We have yet to see the photo, but are excited nonetheless and hope to make it out to the launch party for the magazine taking place in Toronto on April 29th. Not sure if it is invite only or not, but click HERE for more event information.

Pralex team members Prasheel, Alex, and Alexis La Grassa have all registered for Voodoo Jam this year, as it filled up super quick, which we are super stoked on! Check out the site!

The Byke Project has an insane sale on right now, so check that out HERE!

Pralex has jumped on the twitter bandwagon, and you can check us out at:

Also Pralex has recieved some awesome news, but we have to keep it on the down-low for now, but we'll inform you when we can, just know that we are excited for this summer!

Lastly, our web video is still in the works! Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about it! Cory Fester is mailing us his footage. Alexis is still working on getting some clips (he has 3 awesome ones so far). Prasheel is lagging behind a bit as he had to deal with broken axles, popped tubes, and the constant wind that seems to plague Ottawa. Alex is swamped with exams, but is almost done, and excited to get some more clips, currently sitting at 4 brand new lines (all brakeless!). Here's the teaser again in case you somehow missed it:

Pralex Web Video Teaser from Pralex Gorier on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Alexis La Grassa!

Glad to announce that Alexis won his battle on the online Global-Flat contest, and look forward to seeing what he does in further rounds. Alex will be in the quarter-finals of the Master class and will have to produce a video soon enough, hopefully he can pull through and not suck it up like he did against Prasheel (still beating him).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pralex Online Battles

On Global-Flat there is a little online battle contest going on...Pretty darn cool concept, and has a lot more potential then what it currently is, so hopefully it gets better and better as they do it.

Alex and Prasheel had to battle each other, and got very little filming done for their battles due to rain, exams, broken axles, broken spokes, popped tires and more, but we managed to film one measly link each and Alex narrowly beat Prasheel 21 to 19 votes. Heres the video:

Global-Flat Contest Footage (Pralex Vs. Pralex) from Pralex Gorier on Vimeo.

Also, Alexis Le Grassa (Pralex's newest team member) is competing in the expert class of the online contest. He is currently leading in his battle by a few votes, check out his video here:

Untitled from Alexis La Grassa on Vimeo.

We'll keep you updated as the contest continues!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Contest Placings! New Team Riders! Hats! Fleaster!

Where to even begin?! Team Pralex had an amazing weekend in Joplin, Missouri! You can find tons of photo/video coverage over at Global-Flat. Alex managed to take 1st and Prasheel got 4th! Excellent weekend for the both of them.

We also announced our two new team riders, Alexis La Grassa (ATL Division!) and Cory Fester (Alberta Division!). Cory qualified 3rd in pro class, and finished 4th, great weekend for him!

We had two episodes of PralexTV over the weekend, where we interviewed lots of pro riders and people in the industry (Chad Johnston, Lee Huck Edwards, and more) along with a bike check with Ron Monis, and we also introduced our new team members on the show live! You can re-watch about half the show here if you go to "Archived Videos" then click the video where the thumbnail has Hector (from Byke Project), Prasheel and Alex sitting on a couch.

More hilarious news, Pralex now has hats! That's right, Pralex hats. They are only available to team members as of yet, but that might change...Pictures of us in the hats are surely to be seen soon! We will also soon have shirts available to the public, so be excited!

We will also have a "Fleaster" (Flatland + Easter) video out this weekend of more new riding footage and drinking footage as well probably, with clips from our newest riders too!