Monday, November 30, 2009

The Real Team Pralex
Everything you ever wondered about Team Pralex answered here, in our 30 question either/or quiz!


1.Beer or Whiskey
Alex: Beer!
2.Upscale Bar or Dive Bar
Alex: Always ballin’
Prasheel: Always divin’
3.Dance Club or Sit Down Pub
Alex: Dance or die!
Prasheel: Pub life!
4.Hangover or Less to Drink
Alex: MTV Hangover Parties for sure
Prasheel: Haha, gonna be the responsible one and say ‘less to drink’
5.Go out with: a lot of people or a small group
Alex: More the merrier!
Prasheel: Big group…although we don’t have many friends, so its usually small group.
6.Making out on the Dance Floor or Taking Pictures of it happening
Alex: Definitely taking pictures of it happening, so gruesome
Prasheel: Who takes photos of make outs? That’s weird.
7.Shots or Drinks
Alex: Whiskey sours ftw!
Prasheel: Drizzinks.
8.Stage Dancing or Stay on the Dance Floor
Alex: All about that stage dancing son
Prasheel: Stage dancing, because more people can see the dance skills Allah blessed me with.
9.Buy Drinks for Girls or Buying them for Yourself
Alex: Girls buying drinks for me!
Prasheel:Why would I buy a girl a drink?
10.House Party or Bar
Alex: Nightclubbin!
Prasheel: Bizzar.


1.Suspenders or Belts

Alex: Shoelace or Suspenders, fuck a belt.
Prasheel: Really skinny belts that can also lace up my shoes.
2.High Heels or Flats
Alex: Definitely not mad at heels
Prasheel: High heels give me blisters, so flats.
3.Fashion or Function
Alex: fashion Fashion FASHION
Prasheel: Fashion.
4.Skinny Jeans or Wide Legged
Alex: Death before super baggies
Prasheel: Skinnies.
5.Collared Shirt or V Neck
Alex: v-neck
Prasheel: V neck.
6.Winter Outfits or Summer Outfits
Alex: Fall/Spring
Prasheel: Tough call. I look good in layers, so Winter?


1.Younger or Older
Alex: Not picky, haha
Prasheel: Age is just a number lol
2.Emotional or Physical
Alex: What are these emotions you speak of?
Prasheel: Physics!
3.Blonde or Brunette
Alex: BOTH!
Prasheel: Hair dye can do wonders…but I prefer brunettes.
4.Riding or Girls
Alex: *see inside of my arm*
Prasheel: Riding
5.One Night Stands or Relationships
Alex: In between?
Prasheel: Neither.
6.Movie Date or Shopping Date
Alex: Shopping!
Prasheel: I fall asleep watching movies, so shopping.
7.Pay for Everything or Split the Check
Alex: Depends on the bill, and the girl, haha.
Prasheel: Split the check…I support women in their search for equality!
8.Texting or Phone Calls
Alex: BOTH!
Prasheel: Text-life.


1.Coke or Pepsi
Alex: Pepsi ONLY
Prasheel: Rum and Pepsi just sounds funny. Coke.
2.Day or Night
Alex: Ride all day, party all night, repeat
Prasheel: Day.
3.Hot or Cold
Alex: Red Bull girls in Atlanta, lolol
Prasheel: Singing hot hot hot!
4.TV or Movies
Alex: Movies
Prasheel: I fall asleep to both easily…I suck at life.
5.Road Trip or Take a Plane
Alex: BOTH!
Prasheel: Both have their advantages and disadvantages…but road trip for cost-effectiveness and countless good times.
6.Dogs or Cats
Alex: Cats
Prasheel: Cats!

Pralex Nightly Style and Ground Tactics Video

Nightly Style with Alex and Adam!

Ground Tactics Video:

Ground Tactics - Alex Poirier from Pralex Gorier on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pralex Back From Atlanta!

We're back! A great time with great people! It was awesome to see Alexis again, as its been awhile since we got to ride with him, and he's been having some knee problems recently, but seems to be doing better now! The trip started over a week ago for Prasheel when he decided to come down to Petrolia early and party and ride with Alex.

After an initial weekend of partying in London with our new manager Kim, we came back to Petrolia and started a week of riding. Alex hadn't rode in ages due to illness and injuries, and was still getting over some rib problems, but rode anyways! Getting warmed up for the Atlanta jam so we could be in best form for our ATL counterpart Alexis.

Adam Jakomait (unofficial team member) and Steve Lapsley (organizer of this years North American AM Circuit) met up with us in Petrolia on Thursday night so we could leave bright and early on Friday morning. Alex worked Thursday night at 11pm and finished Friday morning at 7am. So as soon as he got done work, we hit the rode, van full of riders, driver, and team manager, we got underway. Alex quickly fell asleep as he had been up all night, and missed the majority of the drive.

After what seemed like endless hours of open highway, we made it to Atlanta around 9pm. We thought about heading to some clubs, but didn't really know where we were, and we were tuckered out from the long drive, so we shared some alcoholic beverages, until Alexis and Billy (ATL crew) showed up and we chatted about this and that and got caught up. We then all passed out pretty quickly.

The next day we got up surprisingly early, and headed to the Waffle House! After a delicious breakfast, we headed straight to the jam spot...And being the amazing Team Pralex, you can sure as hell bet we were the first riders there! We were all SHOCKED at how warm it was, and began riding as soon as we got our bikes assembled.
Not long after rider after rider showed up, along with Prasheel's new frame and a bunch of new clothes for Alex! Thanks Rick and Alexis for the help with that! The jam quickly became pretty big, and riders from all over were killing it.

After getting a ridiculous amount of free stuff, and a nice session with Isaiah Jordan and Alexis, we headed back to our hotel to shower up and start slamming drinks. We quickly started getting intoxicated then headed to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner (which was ridiculously delicious!!). We then went back to the hotel and called for a cab. The cabbie showed up, and DIDN'T KNOW WHERE THE CLUB WAS! He didn't even know where the bar district was!!! He picks us up at a hotel, and was asking us for directions?!? After the most frustrating cab ride ever, we got out and just started trying to find the club ourselves, which was pretty easy surprisingly.

We get into the club, and immediately run to the bar for drinks. Now I'm usually pretty impressed with the strong drinks I recieve at Jack's, the bar that has become our regular stomping ground in London. But MJQ seriously mixes some heavy drinks. I couldn't believe it, a few drinks later and the rest of the night is a big haze. Dancing to some awesome tunes provided by AC Slater and the DJs that opened for him were great as well. Definitely wasn't complaining about the gorgeous girls on stage either.

After all this we get back to the hotel and hit the hay. Waking up the next morning, which turns into all of us nursing hangovers and hating our lives for most of the drive. All in all, an awesome trip...30 hours in a car for 40 hours in the city...WORTH IT! Thanks ATL crew for an amazing jam and an amazing time!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Newest Pralex Product

Welcome to the Pralex Underwear line! One pair will be auctioned off in Atlanta this weekend! EXCITEMENT!

Pralex Gets Managed! And Goes to Atlanta!

Team Pralex has been looking for someone to represent them and add some legitimacy behind our team for quite some time. After continually partying, travelling, and relying on Kimberly Dobbin, we have officially made her our team manager. What does this mean for you? Well first off, it means for consistent updates on our blog! It means we have a website ready to go, but we are still waiting for the right moment to launch it, so stay tuned for that!

Kimberly joined us on our trip to Texas in February, and has mad the trip to several Toronto contests, she constantly sets us up with places to sleep, calls us cabs, makes sure we don't get in fights or die while out at the bar. Essentially she is like our team Mother, and will be joining us in Atlanta to ensure our survival and that we don't forget our passports!

And yes! We are going to Atlanta this coming weekend! It'll be nice to escape the harsh Canadian winter (that hasn't seemed to arrive yet) and ride with team rider Alexis who has dearly missed his Canadian counterparts, although struggling with some injuries currently, we hope he can ride for the jam.

In other news Prasheel will be riding a new frame soon, stay tuned for pictures, lolol.

Also, here is a ridiculous video of Pralex partying in London during Flatsgiving weekend...Don't ask why half the screen is green, we were too lazy to fix it, so here it is along with Prasheel's 2nd place Global-Flat Online Contest Video!

Pralex presents...The Brownprint (Updated) from Pralex Gorier on Vimeo.

Pralex Parties On Flatsgiving from Pralex Gorier on Vimeo.