Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mark "Beefy" Kuhlmann Bike Check

I like Mark's bike. You probably will too. Parts list below, followed by photos. Enjoy.

Frame: 2010 Sick Child Instrumental 19.25"
Fork: Odyssey Flatware Zero Degrees
Headset: Colony Integrated
Seat: Odyssey 99er
Seat Post: Odyssey Intac
Seat Post Clamp: S&M
Crank: Odyssey 41 Thermal 165mm
Pedals: Macneil Plastic
Sprocket: Tree Splined 18t
Chain: KHE 3/32" Tanga Light
Bars: S&M Intrikat
Stem: Seasons Le Merk (35mm reach)
Grips: ODI Longneck
Lever: Odyssey Monolever
Brakes: Odyssey Evo2
Brake Cable: Odyssey Slic
Bar Ends: Macneil SS
Front Rim: Stolen Revolver
Front Spokes: Odyssey Double Butted
Front Nipples: G-Sport Hex
Front Hub: G-Sport Marmoset
Front Tire: Odyssey Freq. G
Front Pegs: Sequence Pirate Pegs
Rear Rim: Stolen Revolver
Rear Spokes: Odyssey Double Butted
Rear Nipples: G-Sport Hex
Rear Hub: KHE Geisha Lite
Rear Tire: Odyssey Freq. G
Rear Pegs: Sequence Plastic Magic Sticks

About his setup:

I run unmodified bars to keep the max width and height. I run loads of spacers to bring the bars as high as possible.

I learned the half grip tape idea from [Prasheel] for my sequence pegs. It provides the perfect amount of grip on the peg.

Although I ride regular I keep my front brake lever on the right side of the bars. I do a lot of my tricks with the bars the regular way to give me more room during jump switches, so having the brake on the right side is more accessible for me to use during more tricks. It also just feels way more comfortable.

Click photos to enlarge.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Stickers are here!

Click photos to enlarge.

Just email me at prasheelg @ yahoo.com with your address, and I'll get some out to you soon.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Prasheel's Bike Check

Click photos to enlarge.

Won't bother writing all the components, but if you're curious about anything, just leave a comment asking and I'll try to get back to you.

The frame is a crack and rewelded 19" TT Mankind, with a bad yellow paint job.

Bars are WTP Mad Max bars. 8.7" high, 29" wide, 11* backsweep, 1.5* upsweep.

Stem is Colony TLD with loads of spacers...30mm above headtube, 14mm (I think) below headtube.

Pegs are all Sequence...plastic in back, aluminum with stainless steel ends up front.

Rear wheel is garbage right now. Old Nankai that isn't running right, but I got a new Geisha axle on its way so the wheel will change soon.

Front wheel is a proper hub laced to an alienation deviant. Heard lots of problems with these rims, mainly being they're so light that they're very weak, but I haven't had any problems yet.

ABT seat, with the back being cut and modified by Matthias.

I'm on littler pedals again after my JCPC pedals drove me crazy from being loose, despite supposively not being able to become loose. No matter how tight I made the pins, the ends would rattle, plus the ends were getting chewed and ground a bunch, don't really think they're meant for flatland use lol.

Tires are Odyssey Frequency Gs. Normal P Lytes up front, sometimes K Lytes on the rear just to be lighter. If I'm at a contest with a slippery floor, you might see me with a KHE kevlar tire as they grip better for indoor surfaces.

Anything else you're interested, just ask.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vibration Urbaines 2010 Flatland Pro Edit

Not by me, but just found this online, so thought I would share.

The atmosphere and energy at this event was amazing, so glad I was there to witness it first hand.

Vibrations Urbaines 2010 Flatland Pro. from BMX-FORCE on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last day in Paris

Last day here! Just biked to the eiffel tower, got really lost (while it started to rain)...not sure how I couldn't find the giant tall building in the sky lol. Going to check out (via bike again) the Notre Dame cathedral in a little bit, and then the red light district later haha. Figured I've been to the one in Amsterdam, may as well see this one for comparison.

Trekking around solo isn't so bad, but its easy for me to get lost. Just trying to be as productive as I can be. After the sightseeing, going back to the night riding spot (Opera), by myself tonight, since Matthias and Adam both left this morning. Hoping there will be other riders there. I know Alex Jumelin is back in Paris after a week in NY, but not sure if he heads to Opera regularly during the week.

Oh yeah...packing tonight should be interesting. Not sure how I've accumulated SO much more stuff in the past week of being here as I came with, but I did. Should be interesting lugging my giant Ogio bag to the airport tomorrow morning by myself, trying to figure out where to go haha.

Well, I'm off again, more sightseeing awaits.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Alex's Life Update

Prasheel did a little yearly update on himself, so here goes mine! I've been busy busy since last Halloween to say the least. Lost girlfriends, gained girlfriends, partied harder then most people do in a lifetime, got some stupid tattoos, rode my ass off (for selective periods of time), went to as many contests as possible, lost a job and gained a job!
As for riding, the past year as been lackluster to say the least for myself. Seems like Prasheel and I trade progression years. Last year was a huge progression year for myself, not so much for Prasheel, and this year that completely turned around. Still love riding my bike though, don't get me wrong, just lacking the motivation I had last year. I think a huge cause of this was realizing I have to learn how to spin in the opposite direction I'm comfortable with for all my forwards rolling tricks to really move forward and progress. Rolling opposite hang 5's took me weeks to get under control, and to go from spinning no-handed x-footed wheelchairs, to learning Hang 5's, its really hard to sit there for hours practicing that. But nonetheless I'm still at it. My contest placings for next season will definitely be hurting though, but hopefully in a year they take a drastic jump. One step back, two step forward type deal.
Besides that I've been busy working, had a quality assurance job that I got laid off from, and took another job at a car dealership doing next to nothing. Paperwork, driving around, typing numbers into computers, easy stuff, no stress. Saving money to return to school one of these days, all the while making sure I have enough fun to occupy myself and keep my sanity.
Most of you know I moved back to Petrolia, so Prasheel and I are now 8 hours apart, but we've still managed to see a disturbing amount of each other considering the 8 hour difference. We went to Indianapolis, Whitby, Toronto, Jomopro and Ohio together, also met up in Ottawa and Toronto on several occasions to ride and party like usual.
It's already getting cold out, and I can't wait for warm weather and sunshine so I can pick my bike up where I left off (in June, lol).