Monday, August 3, 2009

Pralex Goes to Voodoo!

Myself (Alex) and Alexis have left Voodoo, more stoked then ever. Alexis got 4th, and I got 5th! Awesome job by team Pralex! But lets be honest, who wants to hear about the contest? Let's hear about the other adventures!

So its Wednesday night, and I'm packing before I have to leave for work (I work 11pm to 7am). I go to work, move boxes, what have you, then I return home for an hour, get cleaned up, and head out to the airport! Unbelievably tired I drive to the Detroit airport (2 hours from Petrolia). I wait to board my plane, then I fly out to Charlotte, North Carolina. Not knowing much about Charlotte, I was pretty shocked to find out how huge the airport is. I eat some food, and then board my plane to New Orleans.

I arrive and grab a cab to the hotel, texting some riders to find out who is already at the hotel. I get in touch with Tyler Gilliard and his girl, and we start putting our bikes together. I then get a text from Jim McKay (whom I'm supposed to stay with) that they broke down and won't be making it that night. So I have to find a new room to stay in (please god don't make me stay with Tyler and his girl, hahaha), so I get in touch with some of the other Austin, Texas guys, and they have some floor space for me! Sick!

Tyler and I along with several others try to ride, but who cares about bikes, lolol. The next day, I awake and the Austin guys want to go ride already (are you serious?!). I tag along not really wanting to ride at all then it starts pouring rain. We head back to the hotel, and I meet up with Jim and Josh and we go get some delicious Po' boys at a nearby place. We meet up with some more riders then head out to the pre-jam where everyone was killing it.

After the pre-jam we head out to eat on Bourbon St. with Aaron Frost, Matthias, Raph, Viki and some other guys. I ate the spiciest Shrimp Creole I've ever experienced, Aaron and I were both dying from eating it. After we start grabbing some drinks I head back to the hotel with Matthias, Raph and a girly. I go find Alexis and he's in bed (wtf?!?). So I wake his ass up and make him slam some beers with me while we catch up and get stoked on the next day. Finally I decide to go to bed around 2 or 3am or so.

Wake up the next day at 9am to find out I've been placed in the first qualifying group...Ughh...Too early to ride bikes. Oh well, anyways...

In between pro qualifying and finals, Matthias, Raph, girly and I go out shopping at Urban Outfitters and grab some food and beers.

The contest ends, and we immediately go to the bar and Matthias buys us a round of beers. We head back to his room so he can shower, and meet up with Raph, then head out to Bourbon St. This is where things get sketchy...I don't really remember getting to Bourbon Street...I dunno who I was with even, I believe it was japanese guys, french guys, Viki...Maybe some others I'm forgetting. Bourbon Street is insane as always, bead throwing everywhere, some females taking off shirts to get said beads...Silly silly! I end up wandering back to the hotel, by myself I think, then I run into Josh outside the hotel, and both of us are in pretty rough shape, haha, I remember running arouond yelling Jim's name trying to find him, then next thing I remember waking up completely delirious!

Freaked out! I gather my crap and book it to the airport to get back to Ontario! Next year will be even more epic.

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