Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pralex Is Not Dead...

Okay, no posts forever, I know. So here we go. First of all, Prasheel has been making videos like its his job. So you might ask, "Well why then is he not updating the blog with them considering he has no job, no girlfriend, and literally does nothing everyday?" Well folks, you'd have to ask him, haha.

Pralex is heavily involved in drama on Global-Flat right now because some people are morons, it's pretty hilarious actually.

Alex was named "rider of the month" on global, hurray! Interview should be up soon, hopefully after all this drama blows over, so my interview can start a whole new wave of drama.

Pralex is slowly but surely planning their trip to Atlanta. Alex and Andy are both 21, and super excited to get hammered as hell for the first time in America.

Alex is visiting Ottawa this coming weekend for Halloween, whether or not any bike riding will take place is anyones guess as weather has sucked a bit lately and Alex has pnuemonia, haha.

Alex (I) would like to apologize for switching between first and third person multiple times on this blog post, now here are a bunch of videos from the past couple weeks:

OMG Prasheel does jumplashes! from Pralex Gorier on Vimeo.

Prasheel is good at biking! from Pralex Gorier on Vimeo.

Alex Learns Whiplash Variations! from Pralex Gorier on Vimeo.

Prasheel's Going In from Pralex Gorier on Vimeo.

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