Monday, November 30, 2009

The Real Team Pralex
Everything you ever wondered about Team Pralex answered here, in our 30 question either/or quiz!


1.Beer or Whiskey
Alex: Beer!
2.Upscale Bar or Dive Bar
Alex: Always ballin’
Prasheel: Always divin’
3.Dance Club or Sit Down Pub
Alex: Dance or die!
Prasheel: Pub life!
4.Hangover or Less to Drink
Alex: MTV Hangover Parties for sure
Prasheel: Haha, gonna be the responsible one and say ‘less to drink’
5.Go out with: a lot of people or a small group
Alex: More the merrier!
Prasheel: Big group…although we don’t have many friends, so its usually small group.
6.Making out on the Dance Floor or Taking Pictures of it happening
Alex: Definitely taking pictures of it happening, so gruesome
Prasheel: Who takes photos of make outs? That’s weird.
7.Shots or Drinks
Alex: Whiskey sours ftw!
Prasheel: Drizzinks.
8.Stage Dancing or Stay on the Dance Floor
Alex: All about that stage dancing son
Prasheel: Stage dancing, because more people can see the dance skills Allah blessed me with.
9.Buy Drinks for Girls or Buying them for Yourself
Alex: Girls buying drinks for me!
Prasheel:Why would I buy a girl a drink?
10.House Party or Bar
Alex: Nightclubbin!
Prasheel: Bizzar.


1.Suspenders or Belts

Alex: Shoelace or Suspenders, fuck a belt.
Prasheel: Really skinny belts that can also lace up my shoes.
2.High Heels or Flats
Alex: Definitely not mad at heels
Prasheel: High heels give me blisters, so flats.
3.Fashion or Function
Alex: fashion Fashion FASHION
Prasheel: Fashion.
4.Skinny Jeans or Wide Legged
Alex: Death before super baggies
Prasheel: Skinnies.
5.Collared Shirt or V Neck
Alex: v-neck
Prasheel: V neck.
6.Winter Outfits or Summer Outfits
Alex: Fall/Spring
Prasheel: Tough call. I look good in layers, so Winter?


1.Younger or Older
Alex: Not picky, haha
Prasheel: Age is just a number lol
2.Emotional or Physical
Alex: What are these emotions you speak of?
Prasheel: Physics!
3.Blonde or Brunette
Alex: BOTH!
Prasheel: Hair dye can do wonders…but I prefer brunettes.
4.Riding or Girls
Alex: *see inside of my arm*
Prasheel: Riding
5.One Night Stands or Relationships
Alex: In between?
Prasheel: Neither.
6.Movie Date or Shopping Date
Alex: Shopping!
Prasheel: I fall asleep watching movies, so shopping.
7.Pay for Everything or Split the Check
Alex: Depends on the bill, and the girl, haha.
Prasheel: Split the check…I support women in their search for equality!
8.Texting or Phone Calls
Alex: BOTH!
Prasheel: Text-life.


1.Coke or Pepsi
Alex: Pepsi ONLY
Prasheel: Rum and Pepsi just sounds funny. Coke.
2.Day or Night
Alex: Ride all day, party all night, repeat
Prasheel: Day.
3.Hot or Cold
Alex: Red Bull girls in Atlanta, lolol
Prasheel: Singing hot hot hot!
4.TV or Movies
Alex: Movies
Prasheel: I fall asleep to both easily…I suck at life.
5.Road Trip or Take a Plane
Alex: BOTH!
Prasheel: Both have their advantages and disadvantages…but road trip for cost-effectiveness and countless good times.
6.Dogs or Cats
Alex: Cats
Prasheel: Cats!

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