Monday, February 22, 2010

Random Shit Yo!

So we've been up to some top secret shit yo! Alex got 3rd in Indy, Prasheel got 4th. In Whitby Prasheel got 4th also, Alex failed to qualify (we'll pretend to blame it on his bunk shoulder, but really he just sucks at bikes). Here's some photos of shit we've been up to.

Here's an excellent photo of Prasheel by Dylan Leeder, check out more by him at He's awesome!

New jackets son!

Nightly Steez with Alex, champagne of course.

Team meeting this weekend in Guelph, hopefully get a new nightly style photo during it. Alexis flies in on Saturday, should be an epic week of Alexis bored by himself while Alex doesn't do work at work, lolol.

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