Monday, June 15, 2009

Prasheel in Winnipeg

Day 4:

Wake up, free breakfast in the hotel, head to the show site to set up the ramps. We show up and I realize that this is probably the worst show site I've had to deal with in a long time. Super bumpy, not flat, but whatever. I ride a little bit to get used to it, but its pointless to actually session this spot. Blah blah blah, we do 4 shows, lots of gaps in between, I hate my life. Wander around the fair, but it sucks.

We finish and go back to the hotel. Manager feels bad about our bed situation, so offers to buy us dinner and liquor. Dave and I go out to get lots of whiskey, get back to the conference room, and pizza shows up shortly after. We drink and eat, and drink more. Dave grew up in Winnipeg, and apparently some Edmonton riders are in town, so we head out to a bar to meet them. I don't exactly remember, but I think we all had a fun time. Dave is ridiculous, and was drunk dialing at the end of the night, while dipping his pizza in to chewing gum, and yelling at us. He's a bit of a aggressive drunk.

Day 5:

Same old. Still doing 4 shows a day, still way too much time just sitting around and waiting. We did groceries between some shows, so now we can make sandwhiches at the fair opposed to buying over priced food (budget-life). Shows are getting better, our announcer, who's with us for the first time, is getting progressively better, and the crowds are getting larger and more in to it.

Finish shows, back to the hotel, then hot tub for a bit before it closes. Another meeting held in the conference room, as some of the guys debate going out again, as it is Saturday night. 2am rolls around, then they decide to head out to a Denny's for food, I stay back and pass out quickly.

Day 6:

I'm slowly becoming a carnie, but Rich and I embrace it. Living in the trailer in between shows, walking around topless in and around our show site. Out of boredom, Rich and I decide to make tuna sandwhiches, and use a butter knife and hammer as our can opener. I eat and enjoy my sandwhich, then later pass out on a bench outside.

I made friends with some girl selling some as seen on tv type products, and visit her a couple times today. We've realized that Winnipeg is full of ugly and weird people, but this girl being from California is actually normal, so its good to have someone to make fun of Winnipeg with. Whenever I get bored and I go visit her and help her sell her silly products...I'm no good and haven't made a sale yet.

Finish shows, and head back to the hotel. By the time we get back and shower, it's already past 11pm, and we have very limited options for food. I settle with a Timmies bagel for dinner, then later wonder why I seem quite intoxicated off of 3 drinks. Meeting with some of the guys, then pass out. Looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of the week as our show schedule changes, and we only do 3 shows which are all in the evening. We'll have lots of time off during the day, and much shorter gaps between shows.

Note: I've uploaded photos of the trip so far on facebook. I don't like posting them on here as its problematic for me, so check them out on facebook if you feel so inclined.

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