Monday, June 8, 2009

Random News Again #2


Some random news for your Pralex cravings...

Prasheel news:
-He is heading to Winnipeg tomorrow to do shows at the Red River Exhibition with Craz-E-Crew
-He has a few new tricks up his sleeve & already dialed so watch out at the next contest he's at

Alex news:
-He has been riding so hard that his freecoaster has exploded but he keeps riding anyways
-He has LOTS of new tricks and is hitting new lines he can't even believe he is hitting
-He is leaving the Ottawa scene soon to go back to Petrolia to save money, and ride more

Andy news:
-He is still working away at his "job" and riding as much as he can, getting new tricks and smoothening out old ones

Cory news:
-He hit is first line for the Pralex video the other day on film, and is still working on getting more stuff for the video as we gave him a two week deadline
-He will be wearing tight jeans at the Saskatoon Berry Jam from losing a bet, hahahaha, photos to come later

Alexis news:
-He is done school in approximately 24 hours and will start riding a lot more and filming more for his part in the Pralex video, so be excited to see what he comes up with!

Pralex video is still trucking away, all riders are pushing hard to get their best and new stuff on film to make this an awesome banger of a video that all can enjoy!

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