Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ASC So Fresh Jam

So this past weekend, I went down to Toronto to attend a jam out in Mississauga.

It was good to see so many guys come out, and to catch up and attempt to ride with them.

The event was catered. I think there was 48 sandwiches plus drinks, cookies, and snacks. I took a photo, but I'm having issues with my memory card, otherwise I would post it right here instead of just talking about it.

As usual, Lachlan has a video out, which he managed to get out the same day (dude works hard).

SO FRESH from Lachlan Cameron on Vimeo.

Don't expect to see anything good from me, as the lot, in my opinion, was one of the worst lots I've tried to ride in a loooong time. This is coming from someone that has traveled to a lot of terrible lots of forced to put on shows on grass fields and gravel running tracks.

Also, Alex was tuckered out from his night out in Ottawa and spent the afternoon napping in the grass lol. For this reason, you won't find him in the video at all.

- Prasheel

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