Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vibration Urbaines Results

Too lazy to write much about this right now, so I`ll keep it short.

1st Matthias Dandois
2nd Adam Kun
3rd Raphael Chiquet

1st Didier Genet
2nd Maxime Luchetti
3rd Prasheel Gopal

I was very surprised at my placing, but happy. It was just a good feeling to be out there, a much different vibe than a North American contest. Got a lot of applause from people when my name was announced, just for the fact that I came as far as I did. Apart from my contest run, had a lot of fun yesterday.

The pro contest was done battle rider starts, and calls out another rider to battle, winner proceeds. Much different than back home, but very fun to watch. It was a great show, and fun to see Matthias, Raph, and Adam all make it to the final 3 man battle.

This weekend has been an amazing experience, to anyone that is thinking of coming out to Vibration Urbaines or any other European contest, do it.

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