Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random News...

So apparently I (Alex) got a full page photo in the September issue of Cream. Can`t believe it took this long for me to find out, but I`m extremely stoked on this, as its quite the honour and my first magazine appearance...Thanks to whoever hooked that up!

Pralex blog got mentioned in Effraim Catlow`s ``Flat Friday`` news on Global-Flat! Sweet!

Pralex video channel is almost up to 1000 views already...Don`t know who would want to watch us, but we love it anyways! Texas is in less then a week, where we will have our own Flickr account that we will consistently update with new photos from our trip, and update with stories on here. Expect a nice team video out after the trip!

Also on the way back we might hit up the Ath Low Key jam, and are pretty excited about that, hopefully it all works out accordingly! We are stoked to ride with all the Texas guys, and just on riding in general right now.

Matthias Dandois will be visiting Ottawa mid-March for a week around the time of Flatland Unlimited 5. He`ll be staying with us, and weather providing, we`ll be riding hard all week and partying of course. (Dominik Nekolny might be along for the ride too!)

Pat Schoolen just announced another big flatland contest in North America by the name of Jomopro taking place in Joplin, Missouri. Matt Wilhelm, Terry Adams, Tyler Gilliard, and the Pralex team have already commited to making it out to this event that sounds ridiculously well planned and is taking place along side other BMX disciplines. Should be a great chance to get awesome exposure! Check HERE for more information. Also keep an eye on Global as there is a lot of information up there, mostly anything Pat or Fat Tony posted is some good info on the event.

Flatland Unlimited 5 is coming up pretty quick, here is a list of riders that have said they are coming, it`s looking like it will be an awesome turn out this year compared to the last few years.

-Matthias Dandois (Ranked #1 in the World)
-Matt Wilhelm (Ranked #4 in the World)
-Dominik Nekolny (Ranked #6 in the World)
-Shintaro Misawa (Ranked #10 in the World)
-Gabe Kadmiri
-Cory Fester
-Percy Marshall
-Rob Shaw
-Chris Pergentile
-Adam Pergentile
-Alex Poirier
-Prasheel Gopal
-Andrew Wylie
-Bryan Huffman
-Lachlan Cameron
-Spencer Mitchell
-Christian Boodram
-Brandon Fenton
-Adrian Furniss
-Joey Kyllo
-Dmitry Koupriyanov
-Eugene Andruszczenko
-Steve Lapsley
-Mazar Kadri
-Adam Jakomait
-Lauren Clack
-Dugald Cameron
-Addison Moore
-Tall Paul

I`m sure there are riders I`m missing, so let me know and I can update the list accordingly as its posted on the facebook event, and on Global as well.

Also there was a video posted on Global from Fight with Flight that contains some footage of Prasheel and Andy, so props to them for the exposure, I sucked to much to get any exposure, haha.

Not sure if we mentioned this before, but Voodoo this year is taking place on August 1st, and will be the final stop of the World Circuit tour, which will make it absolutely nuts I`m sure. So make sure you make it out this year if you haven`t in past years, it`s the best thing you`ll ever do.

Pralex out.

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