Sunday, February 8, 2009

Terry and Prasheel Squash Beef

Last weekend, at the Fight with Flight contest in Indianapolis, Indiana, North America's top rider, Terry Adams, and Canada's latest up and comer, Prasheel Gopal, settled their 8 month long standing beef.  Despite having seen each other around for years at previous contests, their first introduction occured on Bourbon St in New Orleans just after Voodoo Jam.

Upon introduction, a personal disagreement arose (not over skin colour), and the two riders did not speak for 8 months.  Furthermore, over this stretch of time, both riders were not even seen at the same events, as they each took care in only attending events that the other was not.

As soon as they noticed each other in Indianapolis, they talked it out, and settled their differences.  They were later seen conversing at multiple points over the day, exchanging consolation hugs when Terry found a copy of his dvd Dreams sitting on the floor, and cheering for each other during the competition (notice Terry bashing scoring clipboard on the wing of the plane as Prasheel lands his last combo in the Indy footage clip!).  As well, Ter-bear (Terry), Rob Roe, and Prasheel all pose for a photo opp early Saturday morning, shown above.

They look forward to seeing each other again at the Toronto contest in March, Jomopro in Missouri in April, and Voodoo Jam in August, and hopefully more events in between.

In other news, Prasheel recently received a new pair of bars, Odyssey Chase Guion bars, and despite having much less sweep than his last pair, is getting used to them slowly.  Bike shown below.

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  1. What boggles my mind is that there is actually somneone who makes Prasheel look tall when he stands beside him....reign of the midgets!
    Hurry up and get back to yer day job. we miss you eh!