Wednesday, February 25, 2009

CFO Is Changing Servers!

CFO messaged me to help get the word out, so here it is!

"CFO is moving (servers that is)

we are moving off of custom cms and onto blogger (because we are lazy)
and we want to allow the community to collaborate more!!!

soon this change will be permanent, and will be mirroring the blog to

if you have a flickr account, join our flickr group and your photos will make it to the page!!!

thanks for all the posts CFO"

Also, here is the latest list for riders that will be at Flatland Unlimited 5...Notice Justin Miller has been added to the list! Along with a few more experts!

-Matthias Dandois (Ranked #1 in the World) [France]
-Matt Wilhelm (Ranked #4 in the World) [Illinois, USA]
-Dominik Nekolny (Ranked #6 in the World) [Czech Republic]
-Shintaro Misawa (Ranked #10 in the World) [Japan]
-Justin Miller (Ranked #12 in the World) [Michigan, USA]
-Gabe Kadmiri [Atlanta, USA]
-Cory Fester [Alberta, Canada]
-Jon Dowker [Georgia, USA]
-Percy Marshall [Alberta, Canada]
-Andy Cooper [Indiana, USA]
-Rob Shaw [Alberta, Canada]
-Chris Pergentile [Alberta, Canada]
-Adam Pergentile [Ontario, Canada]
-Alex Poirier [Ontario, Canada]
-Prasheel Gopal [Ontario, Canada]
-Andrew Wylie [Ontario, Canada]
-Bryan Huffman [North Carolina, USA]
-Lachlan Cameron [Ontario, Canada]
-Spencer Mitchell [Ontario, Canada]
-Christian Boodram [Ontario, Canada]
-Brandon Fenton [Ontario, Canada]
-Adrian Furniss [Ontario, Canada]
-Avram Moorey [Michigan, USA]
-Joey Kyllo [British Columbia, Canada]
-Dmitry Koupriyanov [Ontario, Canada]
-Eugene Andruszczenko [Ontario, Canada]
-Steve Lapsley [New York, USA]
-Mazar Kadri [Ontario, Canada]
-Adam Jakomait [Ontario, Canada]
-Lauren Clack [Ontario, Canada]
-Dugald Cameron [Ontario, Canada]
-Addison Moore [Ontario, Canada]
-Tall Paul [Ontario, Canada]
-Jake Jackson [Indiana, USA]
-Joe Miller [Indiana, USA]
-Roy de Guzman [New York, USA]
-Reggie Lavoie [Ontario, Canada]
-Mark Kuhlmann [Ontario, Canada]
-Steve Wieler [Alberta, Canada]
-Tim Knoll [Wisconsin, USA]
-Jeff Bedard [Ontario, Canada]
-Will Wolffe [NY, USA]
-Billy Gordon [British Columbia, Canada]

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  1. i didn't you guys had so many riders in Ontario... its looking like Texas' got some competition