Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Sequence Prototype Pegs

So, for the past while, I've been testing out a new set of pegs for Sequence. If you've seen me recently, you probably noticed that they have not been on my bike, as we wanted to keep the design and details on the down low. Now, we are finally unveiling the pegs to the public, with the help of Pralex blog.

While the whole industry has downsized to 1.75" and 1.5" diameter pegs, Sequence went the opposite way and went to 2" on these new ones. The length is about 4.75".

The most notable feature on this peg is its two part design. While A Bad Thing pegs have removeable endcaps, we figured we'd go for a removeable base! Thats right, you can now take the pegs off your bike without even loosening the wheel nuts. The body can unthread from the base with the use of a long stick and an ungodly amount of force.

Furthermore, Sequence Fabrication is shutting down, after a potential law suit threat from Let me introduce to you the first pegs from Frost Industries!

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