Sunday, March 1, 2009

Random News Again...

Alex is mad sick and struggling super hard at doing anything besides lying in bed and sulking. If you're bored check out his interview here if you haven't already.

In about a week Matthias Dandois and Dominik Nekolny will be amoung us here in Ottawa hopefully riding hard if the weather permits us too before we head to Flatland Unlimited 5 that is now less then two weeks away.

There some more news on Global-Flat about Jomopro that is coming up. The A Bad Thing team will be at that contest, Justin Miller, Matt Wilhelm, Terry Adams, Chad Johnston, Ron Monis, Brian Rybak, Cory Fester and unofficial word that Viki Gomez, Pete Brandt, and James Mcgraw will all be there. This is going to be huge! Pralex team will be rolling there with Cory Fester, and maybe our photographer will have a bike built up and riding by then too!

Stay tuned!

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