Sunday, May 24, 2009

One Year Ago Today...Happy Pralex Anniversary!

Hey all. I just wanted to use this space to reminisce on some memories, and wish my buddy Alex a happy anniversary. One year ago today, he and I traveled together to Cleveland for the Northcoast Flatland Battle, which was our first road trip together. It wasn't until this trip (which also included flying down to New Orleans for the infamous Flatland Voodoo Jam) that Alex and I became friends, and not just riding buddies. It was also the first time Alex won first place at a contest, and also the first time he and I both had spots on the podium (I managed to take third).

To commemorate this, we took a trip up to North Bay for a few days, which also marks the end of an era in our current tour bus, as we are getting a new vehicle next weekend. The North Bay police disagreed slightly with the charm of our current ride, which makes me even more grateful to the Poirier family for donating our next vehicle to us. I should have it in about a week and will try to get photos up soon there after.

Upon returning to Ottawa, Al and I sessioned downtown yesterday. A group of street riders from Oshawa noticed us and came over and watched for a couple minutes, but got booted by bicycle police. Something that was rather unusual, though, was that although they kicked the street riders out, they commented that we were allowed to stay, and stay we did. Al and I worked on some new tricks on a not so good spot, and here are a couple quick photos.

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