Friday, May 15, 2009

Toronto Recap, Dylan Leeder a hero?, New Edits, New Byke Project Sponsorship, Business Cards are in

So a little delayed, but I'm finally gotten around to updating the blog. First off, Alex and I went to Toronto to help out for the trailer and poster shoot for the International Bicycle Film Festival. The shoots were being done by Marco Mucig from Italy, and Benny Zenga from Toronto. It took place over a 3 day span, which ended up being pretty long days. The organization left a little to be desired, as we didn't really know our schedule in advance, and ended up shooting to about midnight each day. All in all, it was a really fun and interesting experience to take part in, and I'm excited to see how it all comes together. It should apparently be up in a week or two, and will be seen in 39 countries! Oh yeah, you won't actually be able to recognize Alex or I, as we were dressed in giant cardboard'll understand more when you see it.

When shooting in Toronto, Alex and our photographer (and newest rider) Dylan Leeder witnessed a fight mid-day. Like the nice guy he is, Dylan jumped in to help break it up. Here's a message he sent me about the incident.

"Prasheeeeel! So the story goes,,,

Me and Alex were biking down the street carrying large letters. I believe I had a C.

So we were riding and this 60 year old dude pulled into the bike lane and cut off a 25 year old bike courier (without signaling) and the 25 year old started yelling at the guy... so they fought verbally for a bit with the 25 year old taking the old mans picture.

Than the 60 year old dude climbed over the passenger seat with his wife screaming and crying "Why are you doing this!? STOP! Your mom's here!"... so infront of his wife and mother (on mothers day) the old man went and swung at the 25 year old.

So i dropped my bike/letter and continued to grab the young guy back from the 60 year old. While the 60 year old kept trying to get punches... so the 25 year old swung at him and pushed him down... and then it continued a bit longer...

Uhmm... so they just kept trying to fight while more and more people crowded around and stuff...

so finally the 60 year old, the wife, and the mother got in the car and drove away... with the 60 year olds pride ruined hahah what a maniac.

And I hurt my finger somehow in it all.

Also, we found out that the 60 year old got pulled over because the other guy took pictures of his face/license plate. And he got charged with assault/reckless driving/and maybe something else"

As you may know, Alex and I have been filming in hopes of trying to release a half decent web-edit. This past weekend, we witnessed the epicness of the footage Dylan's new camera is going to be able to take, so we're scrapping our old footage/tricks, and are hoping to get new stuff in muuuch better quality. Alex and I both edited the footage up, and you can find the edits below. Alex's is first, then mine, and I suggest you watch them in that order, as to not be disappointed in Alex's version.

Pralex "Cutting Room Floor" Footage from Pralex Gorier on Vimeo.

Pralex "Cutting Room Floor" Footage (Prasheels Version) from Pralex Gorier on Vimeo.

As of recent, Alex and I have both been picked up by Byke Project and are very excited to help represent them/Hector Garcia. Byke Project is a non-profit organization that donates and fixes bikes in low-income areas. We should be shooting a little commercial/promo next weekend to test out the new camera we're working with.

Pralex business cards are now in. Please feel free to contact us for any flatland entertainment needs.

Lastly, we are off to Brockville tomorrow, as we are doing a small show at a stag and doe. Maybe expect some photos or videos, not sure yet. Hopefully there's a decent spot!

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