Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pralex in Toronto! And more news...

Pralex picked up the latest issue of BMX Plus and found some photos of Alex and Prasheel (Parshell) in it! Pretty darn cool! Super stoked on getting that coverage with a nice little article too! A lot of flatland in the June issue! Make sure to check it out!

Prasheel apparently might have a photo in the 'La Droit' newspaper, but we couldn't find a copy of it anywhere, haha, but cool nonetheless!

Pralex is going to Toronto this weekend, Friday we are doing a photoshoot with Benny Zenga for the poster for the Bicycle Film Festival in Toronto. Saturday and Sunday we are doing a video shoot with him for the trailer for the Bicycle Film Festival in Toronto! Should be pretty cool! Check out more info HERE and notice a video on the bottom right of Matthias and Ucchie! Super cool!

The weekend after you can find Pralex in Prescott, Ontario doing a show at a stag & doe! That'll be fun!

If you were to lazy to go visit the BFF site, check out the trailer from last year below, super cool and super excited to see what Benny Zenga puts together for this years!

Bicycle Film Festival | Trailer from casagrafica on Vimeo.

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