Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last day in Paris

Last day here! Just biked to the eiffel tower, got really lost (while it started to rain)...not sure how I couldn't find the giant tall building in the sky lol. Going to check out (via bike again) the Notre Dame cathedral in a little bit, and then the red light district later haha. Figured I've been to the one in Amsterdam, may as well see this one for comparison.

Trekking around solo isn't so bad, but its easy for me to get lost. Just trying to be as productive as I can be. After the sightseeing, going back to the night riding spot (Opera), by myself tonight, since Matthias and Adam both left this morning. Hoping there will be other riders there. I know Alex Jumelin is back in Paris after a week in NY, but not sure if he heads to Opera regularly during the week.

Oh yeah...packing tonight should be interesting. Not sure how I've accumulated SO much more stuff in the past week of being here as I came with, but I did. Should be interesting lugging my giant Ogio bag to the airport tomorrow morning by myself, trying to figure out where to go haha.

Well, I'm off again, more sightseeing awaits.

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