Sunday, November 7, 2010

Prasheel's Bike Check

Click photos to enlarge.

Won't bother writing all the components, but if you're curious about anything, just leave a comment asking and I'll try to get back to you.

The frame is a crack and rewelded 19" TT Mankind, with a bad yellow paint job.

Bars are WTP Mad Max bars. 8.7" high, 29" wide, 11* backsweep, 1.5* upsweep.

Stem is Colony TLD with loads of spacers...30mm above headtube, 14mm (I think) below headtube.

Pegs are all Sequence...plastic in back, aluminum with stainless steel ends up front.

Rear wheel is garbage right now. Old Nankai that isn't running right, but I got a new Geisha axle on its way so the wheel will change soon.

Front wheel is a proper hub laced to an alienation deviant. Heard lots of problems with these rims, mainly being they're so light that they're very weak, but I haven't had any problems yet.

ABT seat, with the back being cut and modified by Matthias.

I'm on littler pedals again after my JCPC pedals drove me crazy from being loose, despite supposively not being able to become loose. No matter how tight I made the pins, the ends would rattle, plus the ends were getting chewed and ground a bunch, don't really think they're meant for flatland use lol.

Tires are Odyssey Frequency Gs. Normal P Lytes up front, sometimes K Lytes on the rear just to be lighter. If I'm at a contest with a slippery floor, you might see me with a KHE kevlar tire as they grip better for indoor surfaces.

Anything else you're interested, just ask.


  1. where did your frame crack, out of curiosity?

  2. Rear end, cracks around the bridges and seat/chain stays and seat tube areas.

  3. prasheel its devin may i suggest running some new premium plastic pedals. the sealed ones ive been on them for a bout 3 weeks and these are the bext plastic pedals ive ever ridden just saying man