Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pralex Road Trip Continues!

We are currently at the Poirier house in Petrolia.  We rode with local rider Scott Fowler today and got some footage of us and him.  Alex hit fw and bw double whiplashes and is working on jumplashes now!  Wooo neat!  

We are going riding in Windsor tomorrow and hanging with friends and what not!  We will be riding in Toronto Tuesday/Wednesday, and we are now doing a show Wednesday night at the Dandyhorse Magazine launch party!  It's going to be awesome and we are pretty excited about it!

We have a whole bunch of new riders popping up in Ontario, and we're building bikes and helping people get started out, so expect a "friends of Pralex" video with some newcomers!  It's going to be awesome!  So excited seeing these new guys progressing and getting better!

We'll let you know how riding in Windsor goes, can't wait to ride the most epic best spot in the World!

Pralex out!

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