Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Contest Placings! New Team Riders! Hats! Fleaster!

Where to even begin?! Team Pralex had an amazing weekend in Joplin, Missouri! You can find tons of photo/video coverage over at Global-Flat. Alex managed to take 1st and Prasheel got 4th! Excellent weekend for the both of them.

We also announced our two new team riders, Alexis La Grassa (ATL Division!) and Cory Fester (Alberta Division!). Cory qualified 3rd in pro class, and finished 4th, great weekend for him!

We had two episodes of PralexTV over the weekend, where we interviewed lots of pro riders and people in the industry (Chad Johnston, Lee Huck Edwards, and more) along with a bike check with Ron Monis, and we also introduced our new team members on the show live! You can re-watch about half the show here if you go to "Archived Videos" then click the video where the thumbnail has Hector (from Byke Project), Prasheel and Alex sitting on a couch.

More hilarious news, Pralex now has hats! That's right, Pralex hats. They are only available to team members as of yet, but that might change...Pictures of us in the hats are surely to be seen soon! We will also soon have shirts available to the public, so be excited!

We will also have a "Fleaster" (Flatland + Easter) video out this weekend of more new riding footage and drinking footage as well probably, with clips from our newest riders too!

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