Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pralex Roadtrip Continues (Part 2)

Pralex is now in Toronto chilling with team member Addison Moore at his ballin' condo, watching Sevisual videos on a big screen!  Super cool!  We got here yesterday evening and had a chill night, making an awesome dinner, having some drinks and playing a game of Monopoly with some friends!

The day before we rode Chase's infamous Windsor spot.  The spot is far too good, we love riding there!  So much progression everytime we ride there, even if its a short session.  We didn't get any footage in Windsor, but the day before we rode with Wyoming local Scott Fowler and got some decent footage for the Pralex Web Video.  

Today we are riding in the Amsterdam Brewery all day long and hope to get some good footage there.  Later on tonight we are doing a show for the Dandy Horse Magazine Launch Party.  The party starts at 7pm and we are not on at any set time, but our show will be sometime during the night!

Pralex will be back in Ottawa Thursday evening, and have a lot of Pralex plans that will be put into action!  Keeping it on the down-low for now.  So keep an eye out!  Once we're back in Ottawa we'll put up some photos from our trip and what not!  

Time to ride!
Pralex out!

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