Monday, April 20, 2009

Dandyhorse Magazine Launch Party! And more!

Team Pralex has been invited to the magazine launch party for Dandyhorse Magazine. A Toronto publication all about bicycling in the Greater Toronto Area. Alex is featured in the magazine with a photo from a show they did for an art exhibit on Halloween weekend in October.

We have yet to see the photo, but are excited nonetheless and hope to make it out to the launch party for the magazine taking place in Toronto on April 29th. Not sure if it is invite only or not, but click HERE for more event information.

Pralex team members Prasheel, Alex, and Alexis La Grassa have all registered for Voodoo Jam this year, as it filled up super quick, which we are super stoked on! Check out the site!

The Byke Project has an insane sale on right now, so check that out HERE!

Pralex has jumped on the twitter bandwagon, and you can check us out at:

Also Pralex has recieved some awesome news, but we have to keep it on the down-low for now, but we'll inform you when we can, just know that we are excited for this summer!

Lastly, our web video is still in the works! Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about it! Cory Fester is mailing us his footage. Alexis is still working on getting some clips (he has 3 awesome ones so far). Prasheel is lagging behind a bit as he had to deal with broken axles, popped tubes, and the constant wind that seems to plague Ottawa. Alex is swamped with exams, but is almost done, and excited to get some more clips, currently sitting at 4 brand new lines (all brakeless!). Here's the teaser again in case you somehow missed it:

Pralex Web Video Teaser from Pralex Gorier on Vimeo.

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