Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fight With Flight Pre-Jam

It's Saturday morning and Pralex team is ecstatic for the contest today while we nurse our wounds/hang-overs from the pre-jam and after party at Denny's (which isn't licensed?!). After arriving last night about an hour into the jam, it was already well under way with lots of riders from all over the States riding hard.

Lots of riders continued showing up as time went on, Aaron Frost was riding hard the entire time, along with Andy Cooper, 'Team Bryzaiah', Tony Schniedwind, Steve Mulder, Ron Monis, Matt Wilhelm, and plenty of others with a short show of Terry Adams hitting everything.

Lots of video cameras were out, along with lots of photos being taken. If you didn't bother making an attempt to come out be patient about video/photo! Hopefully we see even more new faces today at the contest, and we'll report back soon. If you haven't met us before, come up and say hello!

P.S. Some riders brought rather attractive girly friends to look at in between riding.

P.P.S. Look forward to seeing Team Bryzaiah in the finals!

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