Saturday, January 31, 2009

Red Bulls Fight With Flight!!!!

I think the only thing to see here is "What a day!!".

We awoke at about 8am (not sure why), as we started to hype the contest before it even began. We fixed my piece of garbage bike (someone sponsor me please), then we took our turns showering and packed our multiple outfits for the day!

This blog is going to be slightly half-ass as it is almost 1am, I am tired, and have a 14 hour drive to conquer tomorrow...So we will re-hash what I say here in the next few days and make sure we mention all the names that I miss here.

First off, the am riders...Awesome. I think Prasheel and I both loved Danielle (mini-Matthias) the most. His strange array of trickery was awesome and fun to watch! We hope to see more from you asap! Next, Brysaiah...We have seen quite a bit of Bryan Huffman and Isaiah Jordan in the past year it seems, and its always a privilege. Bryan is always dominating rolling and spinning tricks, back and front wheel, and those 360 flips at the end of the day, I expect those next time we see you! Isaiah...There's no need for an explanation here, but I'll give one anyways. Your riding speaks for itself, and how much you push those around you, is awesome, whenever we're blessed with Brysaiah's presence we get very motivated...The last session of the day was so much fun!

Brant Hughes was teamed up with Isaiah (amazing team!), and he was killing the back wheel...Spinning deathtrucks...Yikes! Andrew and Chad clearly had some nice stuff making it into the final battle, including weird barflip switches and strange stubble ducks that I don't really understand still.

I was paired up with Lee "Huck" Edwards, and was stoked when I found out (unfortunately I suck and didn't land anything in the finals, plus we got stuck against Isaiah who decided to land everything in the battle against us...Frig...). Lee was rolling around the entire area, and his hang 5 turbine scuff-thingy-ma-jiggers were DIALED! See you in a few weeks hopefully!

Avram was paired with Prasheel, and he is definitely an up-and-comer. Prasheel unfortunately ruined it for him in their last battle, while Avram did some halfpacker whip around thingy that was pretty darn impressive.

Okay, I know I'm missing some beginners, but I've had some drinks, and this blog is taking far too long...So onto the pros!

Aaron Frost! I have never seen a man look so angry while doing tricks, and be so bloody hilarious off his bike. He's a great rider, but really, he's an even more hilarious dude, definitely be ready for that train in two weeks!
Andy Cooper is an awesome guy, down to earth, and kept lying to Prasheel and I telling us we're good at biking because he's just such a nice guy! His riding, is awesome, I can't even explain his style, its definitely not your standard pro rider, you have to see it to believe it. I noticed he runs a front brake, I didn't see him ever touch it though, not even fingers on the brake lever! Props to him and his riding!
Justin Miller...You all know him...Everyone is convinced he is a machine...Wait until you see his new stuff...I refuse to give away what we think he was trying...But wow...WOW. He was not in the final battle, but if he would've hit it, I would've demanded they give him first place anyways. His 360 flips everywhere are insanity. His last link of the contest (not his last trick) was one of the best links I've seen to date in the flatland world, and he did it in contest...Justin Miller, if you by chance read this, you are amazing, your riding is so damn good, even known as one of the best riders in the World, you are underrated.
Dane Beardsley, DIALED DIALED DIALED. Your impossible pivots on the back wheel are not logical, your front wheel business is silly! You are too smooth. We don't like you! And you are ridiculously dreamy...I've shown pictures of you to girls, and they agree.
Matt Wilhelm...You claimed you were going to be falling all weekend...You, sir, are a liar. The girls loved your spinning trickery this weekend! Understandable of course, Pralex also loved it! You're a machine.
Terry Adams. You are Terry Adams, it would be silly of me to describe your riding, the World knows your riding. Instead, you will soon have a blog about you on here, and how awesome you are. See you in Toronto, haha.

Now Pralex team was totally bunk in the contest (we're actually always bunk), but we still had a great time...For about ten seconds I was disappointed in my riding in the finals, then I instantly got over after slamming 3 Red Bulls and watching the pro insanity.

Am-Isaiah Jordan and Brant Hughes in first!
Pro: 1 - Terry Adams, 2 - Matt Wilhelm, 3 - Dane Beardsley

Okay, I need to go to bed...We will blog more later about the contest...And post some video and pictures of course. See Texas in two weeks! Can't wait! Big ups to Jake, Red Bull, and Scott O!

Goodnight for now!
Pralex out! We had so much this weekend here, thanks to everyone who showed up. North America was awesomely represented at this event! Good to see we're still alive and kicking!

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  1. ha, you guys are entertaining. nice review of the event. Good meeting you guys and hopefully we'll see you soon in texas.