Sunday, January 11, 2009


Prasheel and I have been throwing around the idea of starting up a website for awhile. Then ASC (Action Sports Coalition) approached us with an idea for helping us keep their site updated with a BMX freestyle section that we would run. The site has been in the works for awhile now, and until then, we'll run our adventures (and any kind of news we find pertinent) through here.

First and foremost, a little update with what we've been up to, and what's to come! With it being Winter and all, I'll be honest, I haven't touched my bicycle in ages! I think it's been over two months now, riding in the fall just tuckered me out I guess, and now Winter pretty much will not allow me to even think about going riding with the snow and cold we got going on up here in Ottawa. So pretty much all I've been doing is school and drinking my face off. Prasheel on the other hand has been hitting his underground on a semi-regular basis, progressing far to fast and I'm actually worried that he's going to beat me at every contest this year...Oh well, haha. Here's a video if you haven't seen it yet of what he's been working on:

We have a big couple months ahead of us, considering it's still Winter, but this weekend coming up on January 17th we have Zero Degrees of Flat in Whitby, ON hosted by Black Pony BMX inside of a bar! It will be an amazing time, as riders from Ontario gather to escape the cold, drink some beer, and ride hard!

Next on the list, is Fight with Flight, inside of an airplane hanger! This is taking place in Indianapolis, Indiana on January 31st with a jam on January 30th. The floor is said to have an amazing surface, and the event is heavily sponsored by Red Bull and The Byke Project, check out the flyer here:

Lastly, we have Flatland Unlimited 5 taking place in Toronto, Ontario on March 13th-15th. For more details check out as registration should be posted shortly. Some big names that should be there include: Shintaro Misawa, Matthias Dandois, Brandon Fenton, Cory Festor, and many more big names will be there as always!! This will definitely be a year you can't miss if you have in the past. Most likely we'll be crashing at as usual, get ready to party!!! And ride a little bit I guess!

Also, I'd like to note that Prasheel, Addison and I are trekking to Austin, Texas from February 14th to the 21st, it is going to be a wild roadtrip, and we'll make sure to post pictures and updates as we make our way there, and back!

Well I think that's enough news for now, Prasheel and I will update this on a regular basis hopefully with riding videos, contest write-ups, roadtrip photos and anything else that we do that we deem ridiculous enough to put up here!

Peace for now,
Pralex out!

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