Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pralex Past, Pralex Future!

Pralex Roots... from Pralex Gorier on Vimeo.

This is to keep you occupied until Prasheel gets off his lazy ass and gets to his underground to film some new links. This is an older video I sort of re-hashed, if you've seen it, it's nothing new, if not, check it out! This is from the best flatland spot in North America. Riding there for one hour and we both felt incredible amounts of progression.

In other news, I (Alex), currently have a ridiculously bunk knee. Not to sure if it's serious or not (hoping I haven't torn my ACL), but I'll keep updated on that later in this week if I hit up the clinic here in Ottawa.

Last but not least, Indy is just over a week away, and Pralex is more then stoked! Prasheel, Andy and I will be there in full force, and we believe we'll once again be bringing our awesome photographer Dylan Leeder. With pro's Terry Adams, and Matt Wilhelm already signed up, it's bound to be an awesome weekend. See everyone there!

Pralex out!


  1. Thats a deeeeecent video boys.

    also, Alex, if your ACL is torn you'd probably know, when My A,M,P (CL) all got torn at once, it was a pain that only a mother knows.

  2. Turns out my LCL is torn, but it's not so bad, so it will heal itself, so life is good.